Windows 10 media player will not run

Windows 10 media player will not run. I have tried installing and uninstalling and cleaning the registry. I also checked and reinstalled audio file codecs. No luck. So for the time being I am using VLC player

When it comes to Windows I prefer Pot Player (i.e. ) for video playback and Foobar2000 (i.e. ) for audio playback.

the built-in programs in Windows pretty much suck if you ask me.

VLC for what seems to be forever. Works with everything I throw at it including my 4k Blu-ray stuff. No reason for me to change personally. I have PowerDVD 19 but rarely use it.

Have you tried using the Codec Tweak Tool? It cures a multitude of problems of this type.

Wow Phil, great to see you again. How have you been?

You can not beat VLC Player. It is the Best and plays everything you throw at it. Superior sound as well.
i’de forget Microsoft Rubbish if I was you…Just my honest opinion of someone who has used VLC on Win95/98/xp/Win7 now win10.

Hi Alan. Nice to be remembered.

Anyway, I’m well, having endured a (covid-19) lockdown in my home city of Melbourne that (except for 3 weeks in late June/early July last year) continued for 8 months.

And how go things with you?

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Well, I just got the vaccine so I am feeling a bit better, you know I am in my senior years and have some heart issues so I was at risk. Now I have to wait 3 weeks for the second shot. Anyway, it’s great to hear from you and please if you have the time to come back, we missed you.

problem w/ VLC is for cd’s it doesn’t play them gapless and also WMP is the only player on windows that correctly handles pre-emphasis and also correctly decodes HDCD. You really should be looking at Foobar2000 for cd’s but it won’t do pre-emphasis and HDCD like WMP does. (even though there are plugins that supposedly handle said functions)

If you rip discs that use pre-emphasis with the sox plug-in the ripped files sound fine but all the “on the fly” pre-emphasis plugins sound like crap.

But vlc works great for video. Keep in mind that microsoft removed DVD capabilities from WMP in win10 if that’s what you’re trying to play.

There are add-ins to address such problems, either with VLC or with foobar2000.

Congrats. Had my 1st on the 1st. I’ll be 66 next week with preexisting conditions. Muscle shot was a little sore and just a scooch of the flu for about a day. Beats the alternative… :slight_smile:

no, foobar plays gapless by default. vlc doesn’t and i contacted support about it a few years back and they told me they can’t do it because it’s hard to program for or some crap.

The alternative is not an option. LOL