Windows 10 install freezing up

I am trying to install W10 on a Dell Optiplex 755 and, in Windows Setup, when it gets to Getting files read for installation it freezes at 72%.

I have tow other identical computers that I installed W10 with no problems. If anyone knows a solution to this problem I would greatly appreciate someone giving me a solution to this problem.

Are you installing from DVD or USB Flash?
If its DVD it could be the drive in the PC you’re having a problem with is struggling to read the media.
Is Secure boot disabled. If not try disabling it until you install Win10

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Thanks Dee for the reply, but it isn’t the Optical drive. I took a drive from one of the computers that installed W10 and it froze at 72% with this drive.

Looked in BIOS and could not find Secure boot. I looked through every category and only found fast boot. Would you have another possible solution.

Not a clean solution, but i do have a dirty one.
If you have an external USB HDD with a good amount of free space.

If all PC’s are identical, you could clone the C drive from one of the working PC’s using Macrium Reflect free edition onto your USB HDD.
Make a Rescue media in Macrium Reflect onto a USB flash drive.

Take the USB HDD and USB Flash drive to the PC that isn’t working and restore from the Reflect backup image back to the C drive of the sick PC.

Thanks Dee, as many times as I have cloned a failing HDD I didn’t even think of that option. Will try and see what happens.

Dee, just wanted to let you know that the clone worked. Thanks.

Thanks for letting me know, and you’re welcome.

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