Windows 10 global market share now larger than that of Windows 7

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For the first time in history, Windows 10 is installed on more computers than Windows 7, according to a report by StatCounter. Microsoft’s latest operating system overtook Windows 7 for the first time globally in the first month of this year.

That’s because Microsoft begged and tortured users crazily to upgrade, and because the upgrade is free.
Windows 7 and 10 are both not bad, but Windows 10 has removed features and possibly compatibility problems, but also new useful features.

Windows XP was a real kicker and Micro$oft still did not get rid of it.

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Well that was true but since then W10 by itself has shown to be a more reliable then W8 debacle. I myself took the free update and reinstall W10 FCU and have no real big issues with it. I configured it to look like W7 but still functional W10 Desktop.

Actually they did the real kicker is the people being kicked by the security holes allowing malware to get them. M$ isn’t loosing sleep over that.

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It’s hardly surprising, the old OS you can’t buy goes down in share as the only OS you can buy (or get for free) goes up.

Statcounter isn’t reliable either in my opinion with the way they count hits. The share of OS’s browsing the internet might be more accurate.