Windows 10 gives errors when more than 512 applications are installed



We’ve just posted the following news: Windows 10 gives errors when more than 512 applications are installed[newsimage][/newsimage]

Users that want to install more than 512 applications in Windows 10 will receive error messages. Due to the errors shortcuts to applications are not being saved.

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Hah, it hasn’t even been 24h and the first (in my mind serious) bug has already reared it’s ugly head. And what’s worse is that they already knew about it. Looks like what i said has already come true.

They never get things right the first time


I can add a more frustrating one than this.

My PC that has had Windows 10 Technical preview on since January of this year. Other than a few problems with the sound drivers all has been fine.

Today out of the blue no internet. The lan dirver is gone, as is the wifi driver too. So I cannot connect to the internet at all with the PC by any means whatsoever. It turns out the drivers were from Nvidia and it seems due to the Nvidia graphics card issue Microsoft seems to have done something over the top and possibly removed all of nvidia drivers from Windows 10 PCs and such no internet as a result.

I gone onto my motherboards website and the only drivers they have for the lan is for Windows Vista (that’s how old my PC is, its a dual core Athlon XP AM2+ based system from 2008).

I have spent over an hour to finally get the net back on but it was infuriating. Especially when this Pc has been my Windows 10 Pc and has had every build on it since 9926 and it seems now the full final version is the one that messes it up.


This bug, while needing to be corrected, would affect a very small % of users. Don’t make it out to be the end of the world. You’re just looking for any small thing to hate on Windows 10.Â
Which OS do you use?


As i said, in my mind that’s a serious one, no matter how big of a %. They knew about it well during insider and claim a fix would be in RTM. It wasn’t, that’s my point.

I’m using W7 and it’ll stay that way for a while longer, I never update to a brand new OS immediately. I skipped the whole 8(.1) disaster entirely. Don’t get me wrong, i kept tabs on it from the get go and I’m looking fw to using it. I just always wait at least a few weeks/months before I do that. Just to give hardware manufacturers a chance to update their drivers to fully compatible and to let MS squash bugs like that one and others to make it usable for real.

I’m a cautious man :slight_smile:


One check Windows 7 users can do before upgrading is to count the number of .lnk files in the following two locations:

%allusersprofile%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu
%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu

I.e. put “*.lnk” in the search box for both paths and see what it says for the total number.

On my workplace PC running Windows 8.1, total is 256 .lnk files, which closely matches the 250 Count for “Get-StartApps | measure” in PowerShell. The extra 6 are probably duplicates that get shown up as one.

As “Get-StartApps” does not work on Windows 7, the total .lnk count gives a rough idea of how many applications will be transferred with the upgrade.

On my home PC with a 6-year old Windows 7 installation, I have 723 applications between the two start menus. So looks like that would not be a good Windows 10 upgrade candidate just yet… :disagree:


remember windows 10 is from the company that gave us window me and vista


[QUOTE=samlar;2757621]remember windows 10 is from the [B]company[/B] that gave us window [B]me[/B] and [B]vista[/B][/QUOTE]To balance this out.
They are also the [B]company[/B] that brought us [B]XP[/B] and [B]Windows 7[/B], which according to some people are the greatest inventions since the [B]wheel[/B] and the [B]lightbulb[/B]. :slight_smile:

XP wasn’t great when it first appeared, and was never stable for me at any time.
Windows 7 had bugs when it first came out as well, although once it matured, it did become an excellent OS.


I still have Vista on my desktop although I’m using Windows 7 as the main OS.
No plans to use Windows 10 .
I didn’t have the problems with Vista a lot of people seemed to.
I took ownership & granted permissions to “Administrator” system wide early on.
If it wasn’t for the constant BD & DRM checks Vista does it would be faster.

I have an example of something I haven’t been able to find the problem on Windows 7 but Vista works just fine. That is being able to run MakeMKV. I know other members say they can but for some reason it gives an error message as soon as I execute it.

For Windows ME . I went back to Windows 98 SE from it.
However the ME USB drivers were much better so I used them in my Windows 98 SE.


I never had any problems with Vista either, and so far (although it’s only on a test system) Windows 10 is very slick and stable.


Forgive Samlar. He is probably a hardcore Linux or OS X user and doesn’t like seeing a solid, stable and successful OS from MS.


@FreqNasty_RiseS: to be fair, I think it’s too soon to say 10 is “solid” or “stable”. That’s not to say it’s necessarily buggy, either. The only way to know for sure whether 10 is reliable is to spend at least a few months, if not a few years, using it. For obvoius reasons, no one could have done that yet.


@TSJ…yes that’s true but the early signs are largely on the positive side. We’ll have a clearer indication by the end of the year.