Windows 10 Fall update (20H2) is released

Patch Tuesday, and another Windows 10 2004 update.
OS build now up to 19041.508

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Change log.


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There is a hell of a lot bug fixes in this release. So much so that its getting ridiculous.


Yes there is and if you think about it MS probably has only 99 % left to go for full fix. :grinning:


You may be right. :slight_smile:

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winver versions

Windows 10 Fall update (20H2) is released.
No info yet on what has changed, as I just got it through Windows update, and there is no published info on the MS website at the moment.

Screenshot 2020-10-20 220607

Edit: The new features are now available.

20h2 Pro


Yep. I got that update as well.

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Does anyone here remember Windows 1, I know I am a lot older than most of you, maybe all of you but that doesn’t mean you could not have run across it a few times. The original Windows 1 was released in November 1985 and was Microsoft’s first true attempt at a graphical user interface in 16-bit. I was really excited to get this when it first came out and even though everyone ( not all) but most hate on Microsoft Windows, I really have found the new versions totally stable and I really like it. What’s your experience like?

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My first experience with Windows was Windows 98 second edition.

We all moan about Windows bloat, and MS spying on us.
Fact. Linux might be fun, and the feeling of a slick no nonsense, and secure OS is appealing up to the point where you need to do something with Linux without a high quality app to do it. An app that is readily available on Windows.

IMO Windows 10 is the best version of Windows, period.
The fact that Windows 10 delivery model had changed to what amounts to a ‘rolling release’, makes it all the more attractive.


So far my only PC running Win 10 is a company laptop. I have a rather mixed experiences, however I can’t tell how many of the issues I have are caused by MS, and how many are due to corporate bloat (all sorts of spies checking if I’m not doing anything wrong :wink: ). Since Win 10 my control over PC has been reduced significantly, since my local admin rights are way more restricted compared to previous Win 7 installation I had. I also observe a lot of stability issues after updating to 2004 - I don’t recall such behaviour since I got Win XP, but now I observed applications crashing without any warning or notification about possibility to gather debugging information - the processes simply “vanish” - it has happened to all MS Office 365 apps I’m using (Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook) or Teams, which makes my work quite inefficient. Last week it happened for the first time that I’ve lost part of my work even if the file was saved on OneDrive with autosave on.
Unfortunately I didn’t observe that problems within the first week after update and I have removed the backup and can’t roll back to see if I’d recover stability in that way.
Another observation - opening Outlook, Teams, Skype for Business, few instances of Excel, MS Edge with some 10 loaded tabs and I can observe 70-80% of 16 GB RAM occupation - and it is a “power laptop” for CAD-work :slight_smile:

EDIT: just checked, it’s the 19041.572 build giving the trouble.

It was after updating to this version that I had a problem with data loss.

The latest version is 19042.610, try that one.

I have the .610 update since Monday, but still similar issues - processes killed without any warning, (memory usage is oscillating in 60-70% range), today I had a funny issue with my BT headset. I couldn’t get it to work with Teams, that were becoming unresponsive - I’ve tried to deactivate BT connections, but when I clicked notifications area all the controls were greyed out (I couldn’t toogle WiFi, BT and all the rest that is there normally). Finally I decided to close MS Edge browser and everything got back to usual…

On my private PC I have Win 7 - I love that it’s not getting updates anymore - it simply behaves the same everyday I use it, no strange surprises… Responsiveness of it even if it’s a 2012 laptop is still far better than my 2018 mobile workstation @Win 10 :slight_smile:

You can hardly compare a laptop with corporate bloat running Windows 10 to a home system based on Windows 7.
FYI, with the latest Win 10 update. MS Edge is just Chromium with a skin.

In the long term. Good luck in running an unsupported Win 7.

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Sure, it’s not a fair comparison, but I doubt if the corporate bloat is causing MS applications and OS to behave strangely. I usually have 1-1,5 GB RAM consumption just by MS Teams, add on top of that Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint and the RAM is consumed to a degree which is impacting stability. And what I mentioned - applications just terminating without a visible reason (like heavy multitasking and opening additional resource-heavy program) is something that I haven’t seen for years. I guess since Win98, XP was already quite stable and predictable.
And if the MS Edge can block system notifications then it seems to be a bit more than just a skin for Chromium, but what can I know. Haven’t had a single issue with Vivaldi yet.

Just curious, what is your RAM usage after fresh start? In my case after booting and without any open applications (of course excluding corporate bloat like defendpoint service) I already have 4,5-5 GB of RAM occupied in version .610.

6.7Gb committed, 3GB of it being used as a Windows cache.
Screenshot 2020-11-06 215459

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Another update.

Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 20H2
Installed on ‎03/‎08/‎2020
OS build 19042.630
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.31.0