Windows 10 Fall Creators Update introduces anti-cheat technology that sends data of cheaters to game developers

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The Windows 10 Fall Creators update introduces a feature called ‘TruePlay’ which should prevent cheating in games, reports. The technology enables game developers to identify cheaters and act upon it.

[quote]The technology enables game developers to identify cheaters and act upon it.[/quote]Great more big Brother is looking at you. Now if they cheat at home on their own system and not online that is going beyond intrusion of privacy into Stalin age media. Online that is different and most don’t cheat so this story implies all Gamers cheat of which it is so far off the mark should Apologize to the vast majority of Gamers whom follow the Rules. This STEREO Typing of Gamers will surely turn gamers off not something MS should do - Gamers will check cheaters themselves already and to think you know better then Gamers I doubt it. I give this a “Thumbs” Down STUPID…:rage:

I suppose the good thing for now is this is limited to Store games, but it probably won’t end there, which is worrying. Microsoft will be getting into a lot more hot water privacy wise if they don’t get this right.

So, this is a more sophisticated mechanism than say VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat), BattleEye, etc. They have helped but are not 100%. And because TruePlay is incorporated into the OS can likely work in ways other methods haven’t thus far. The real issue here is that Microsoft is incorporating it into Windows. And that makes it a “bad thing” to some people…

Unfortuntately, cheating has been around quite some time and has ruined online gameplay for many people. Been there. Done that. It turns fun into anything but. Anti-cheat software shouldn’t be needed and but we live in the real world. Hopefully this reduces the number of idiots online.

Am I happy? No. Am I surprised? No. Is the sky falling? No. Is this 1984? No.

Note: As the article also notesTruePlay is optional. How the game developer handles people who disable it is up to them but, again, anti-cheating mechanisms are not new.

I rarely play online, but this sounds Win will collect a lot of privacy data and send it to somewhere.

The more I know about W10 the more I don´t want to use it on a PC where I have private data.