Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ditches HEVC / H.265 codec


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The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update comes on many systems without High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC) support. After the update has been installed, users who want to watch HEVC content have to download the codec from the Microsoft Store.


[quote]users have to download the codec from the Microsoft Store if they want to view HEVC content[/quote] This in itself is problematic considering App store is so poorly supported. I can get better HEVC from free codec without having to go there. So before giving troll to Microsoft one should provide other better alternative then tout Microsoft line.


HEVC/H265 is important! And it is open-source.
Why remove in first place?

Linux does not remove features usually.


Put this way Windows is Microsoft so they can decide what they want if your Linux why would you worry? You can get those codecs and since it’s not a Microsoft product they have no obligation to support it that is the most likely case here.


Windows, unlike Linux, is not for elite but average computer users, who maybe do not know much about codecs.