Windows 10 Fall Creators update discretely logs in while awaiting password


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When Windows 10 boots, the Fall Creators update now automatically logs the last user in while waiting at the password screen.


[quote]Initially I thought that Microsoft improved the logon process until I received an unexpected sign-in request on my mobile one day at work. I switched on my PC and headed out for a few minutes. While away from my desk, my mobile bleeped asking to approve a sign-in request, which got me concerned. I headed straight back to my desk, logged in and saw OneDrive showing the awaiting sign-in approval screen.[/quote]Here’s what I did use Tweakui 4.3 and in the security section if I recall I disabled OneDrive permanently also when you install W10 CU after it boots up you can change OneDrive preferences where it doesn’t start as well to kill this malware function. So there are options there already and on that can be done from Win10 taskbar right away to remove OneDrive malware functions.

It’s simple to do and stops OneDrive from thinking it’s the Master Controller.


Disabling OneDrive is not an option on my workplace PC as it is required for SharePoint, which is used throughout the company.


Guess Big Big Brother likes to read what one writes. Oh well this will at least work for your own personal computer space.


IMHO, this is completely idiotic. If Microsoft really wants people to be able to login to Windows faster, they should consider de-boating the system instead. If they’re too incompetent to do that (I’m sure they are), the last they can do is stop adding even more bloat. This will at least allow computers to get fast enough that users won’t even need to care about the amount of existing bloat. Wouldn’t that be nice?