Windows 10 Creators Update reduces updates with up to 35% thanks to UUP

Windows 10 updates will become smaller starting with the Windows 10 Creators Update that is scheduled for April this year. Last year Microsoft announced that its Unified Update Platform (UUP) would reduce the size of Windows updates up to 35%.

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Win10 is awful with the updates …

I´m supporter for Software-Test-PCs and if I make an update every 3 onths it takes hours on Win10. It hangs/stopps often and I never know will the updates continue or not.

Even Win7 is faster, Win8.1 much faster.

Win8.1 faster that is a joke…one can’t tell faster from faster in O/S comparison that myth was busted already. You conclusion lacks no footing to stand on here. If you don’t want updates disconnect from the internet and you don’t have to worry about updates then. You think black OPS are waiting for you to update then malware after you - you must be living in Alice in Wonderland here.

Did you understand one word I wrote? Don´t think so


For sure …