Windows 10 Creators Update first released to newer computers

Microsoft will start to roll-out the Windows 10 Creators Update to newer computers first. The roll-out officially starts on the 11th of April but users who can’t wait can use the Windows Upgrade Assistant from the 5th of April to update to the Creators Update early.

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Is the Creator’s Edition going to replace the Anniversary Edition?

It will upgrade the Anniversary edition to the Creators edition.
I’m running the update on both PC’s, very slick, and some nice new features.

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Wait until April 14th and the reports of trashed Win 10 installs start to roll in…

Not too sure that you will be right in this. The 1703 ‘creators’ edition is already available on MSDN and I tried that upgrade on a PC from 2009 which had the 1607 ‘anniversary’ update installed. By far the most flawless Windows 10 upgrade I’ve done so far.

Of course there will be some installs where it fails, but I think the problem will be far less than for the upgrade to the 1507 initial release to which you probably refer :slight_smile:

I’ve now done this upgrade on 4 machines and my experience is the same as that of Xercus - the easiest upgrade so far. Makes a nice change.

I’m now in the process of installing this update on the home computers and so far no issue either.

For anyone on slower Internet connections (<10Mbps), I strongly recommend doing the update manually rather than waiting for Windows update, something I wish I did at the time Microsoft released the Anniversary update.

When using the Windows Upgrade assistant, it makes a single connection to download the update. This means you’ll have no problem doing must things online without any issue. Streaming video may drop to a lower resolution, but should play just fine.

When Windows downloads the update through Windows update, it makes roughly 30 simultaneous connections to the server attempting to download the update. So if let’s say you’ve a 3Mbps connection (pretty common in rural areas here), you’ll effectively be left with 100kbps of bandwidth and extremely high latency until Windows finishes downloading the ~3GB update.

With our 5Mbps DSL connection (4Mbps usable throughput), the Anniversary update saturated the connection to the point that we could not browse the web while the update was downloading and even our telephone service (VoIP based) was unusable. As each computer started getting the anniversary update, we had to switch the computer off until just before heading to bed to let the update download overnight. To make matters worse, if the update did not download successfully, it would start from 0% again rather than resume where it left off.

I remember that time a few people mentioning that their Internet connection was acting up at the time, so I mentioned to check Windows update. They couldn’t get over how severely the update crippled their Internet connection until it finished downloading as YouTube, Netflix, etc. were unusable during the download.

Edit: I spoke too soon. It looks like it broke Office 365 on my desktop PC. When I go into Word, type something and try to save it, Word stops responding. When it restarts, it recovers the document and when I click the save icon, it stops responding again. The Office repair process and a full reboot did not fix the issue either, so looks like this is going to waste some time to figure out how to get it working again. :doh:

Edit 2: I got nowhere with Office 365, even with Microsoft’s removal tool that removes all traces of Office products for a fresh installation. I also tried creating a new user account to rule out anything user profile related, but have the same issue with the new user account. Word, Excel, etc. open up fine, but once I go into any file related dialogue (including Insert Picture), it crashes. I also checked countless threads online on similar issues, but most of them are unanswered and have suggestions I already tried such as a full Office reinstallation, trying Word safe mode (which also crashes in the Open dialogue), etc. So now it looks like I have to do a fresh Windows 10 installation. :frown:

Edit 3: Finally found the culprit - MalwareBytes 3.0. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that earlier, but as I’ve had Antivirus products cause problems before, I decided to uninstall this as one last measure. The file dialogue boxes in Word, Excel, etc. are now working fine again. At this stage I tried pretty much everything else I could think of including temporarily disabling filters, codecs, etc. with Autoruns. Hopefully now everything else is working fine as I really did not want to spend the week reinstalling everything.