Windows 10 continues to collect and send Activity History to Microsoft even when it's disabled

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A Reddit user has discovered that Windows 10 continues to collect the activity history of the user and sends it to Microsoft, even if it’s manually disabled. The user found in Microsoft’s Privacy Dashboard that the operating system continues to track and sent data to Microsoft, amongst others, about files he opened and websites he browsed.

If you are concerned about this type of behavior, I’d suggest looking into O&O Shutup 10 software. Use it after every major update to Windows 10. I use all the recommended settings, and a few which they call limited recommendation.

This is free to download and use.

A couple things stun me about this. Firstly is that anyone would put up with their OS maker tracking files opened and browser history and secondly that it took a random Reddit user to discover the setting doesn’t in fact disable the feature (and at the time of writing a mere 128 upvotes for the source post).

Programs opened and general Windows settings I could maybe see some use in from a development point of view (though I personally wouldn’t want it enabled) but the extra degree to which this collects activities it’s surveillance imo.


Even their good ol’ w7 tracks and traces like a mrn within each “update”…
I hope that someone can stand up against their data greedism, because it’s criminal and just like a disease!!

Ahh…excuse me… but take a look at your Smart Phone first…then come back and look at Windows.

If you didn’t think to look twice then I guess the jokes on you.

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I can understand somewhat where you’re coming from, though making a counter-point comparison of a user unwittingly/naively permitting such behavior on a device, which some indeed do (personally I don’t even use iOS/Android), to a story of an OS maker ignoring permissions set by a more conscientious user are two different things and I don’t think the latter is something to be downplayed merely due to the existence of the former.

It’s a bit concerning and rather fatalistic to think that way I feel, even if it comes from an honest place of observing some users’ hypocritical stances with topics, since it doesn’t put any expectation on such users to improve or encourage them to take positive action. Personally I’d prefer things to change for the better, including in this article’s case.

But you can actually disable this on Windows 7, can’t you?

In case you meant me…
WHICH “smart phone” should I look at? :smiley:
Comparing apples with oranges never was good.
M$ brought that spying (and illegal it’s too due to courts in europe) into w7 without even properly noting it to their customers!

yes, you can disable that specific modules/services iwthin w7. But as we have seen withint WiX, that is not the real truth. Install a network sniffer and you’ll see the outcome. :frowning:

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This is s classic reply to look at one but forget the other does the very same thing. But oh don’t touch my phone but my phone can report my gps and listen in and tell everyone my daily activities and keystroke and sites I visit and apps I use and FB and the likes to the Provider whom owns all the agreements and don’t have to disclose anything. So it does swing both ways on both O/S and Smart phone.

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The fact that this is all illegal on M$ part; I am surprised that everyone doesn’t enter into a world wide class action law suit and shut their spying and tracking down permanently :slight_smile:

@eviltester did one forget the so called EULA. Once you agree you gave up all rights regardless if legal or illegal(unless proven otherwise) once signed there is no backing out. That’s what is protecting M$ and their actions and also your very own elected Congress is in their pocket. So whom do you think is going to help.

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I did not forget the EULA and is the main reason I mentioned what I did.

Without getting too far off topic; let me say that I and my partner have been successfully running our business for over 40 years. We have 5700+ clients in USA, Canada, several countries in the EU and the UK. We converted all our clients from M$ junk over to Linux many decades ago. They all wish they had done it sooner since they are more productive and financially better off. Their business’ are thriving exponentially more on Linux than M$.

We have access to our clients’ Corporate lawyers (they fine tune our contracts such that they are valid and legal in multiple countries) and they mentioned that the EULA has many flaws in it. I am not a lawyer and can’t recant everything they mentioned or how they explained it but I do remember the example they illustrated to us.
For example: Regardless of what you see in the movies/TV shows, you cannot draft up a pre-nup that states if there is a divorce and that relationship had children, that you would NOT ever pay child support or be responsible in any way towards the mother and/or children. You cannot have a contract that violates the law (proven in both USA and Canada and most likely many other counties)

Well M$ has done a similar software license/EULA in that they will data mine information from your OS regardless of your wishes or attempts to disable their spying and who or where they store/share this information is none of your business nor concern. If that sharing involves your information falling into the wrong hands and identity theft occurs…tough luck. We all know accidents in coding happens so what if M$ screws up and permits access to your PC. Too many ‘what if’ scenarios are possible so 100% of all spying and call backs to M$ should cease forever. Many countries are already looking at alternative measures should M$ not play ball.


Any EULA doesnt protect a violator of recent laws from being judged, juryied & even jailed - ever!