Windows 10 build 9926 released to insiders



We’ve just posted the following news: Windows 10 build 9926 released to insiders[newsimage][/newsimage]

It has been almost 2 months now since the last Insider build, today Microsoft finally released a new build for everyone to play with.

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Wiin 10 is still beta because MS is still responding to Google’s android OS evolution (and to a lesser extent, Apple)…
Smarter personal assistants will be an interesting twist on the OS evolution… can you imagine asking your personal assistant to download torrents of your favorite TV shows & Movies to have them ready by the time you get home (while working on the boss’s dime & internet). ?

Then we will have come a long way from the days of tech being only a geek hobby…


Ok I allowed my Windows 10 tech preview to upgrade itself to the new build 9926.
Then I copied the “install.esd” to a new folder and made an ISO file from it and did a clean install.
I now have Windows 10 Pro (technical preview evaluation copy Build 9926)
first impressions are good, still learning how to setup the new start menu tiles.
I like the new search bar in the lower left, as most thing hidden by MS are still inside Windows 10 ProÂ
for example you cant find any links to the control panel or device manager.
but type either items into the search bar and hey presto what you need is still there.
will try to leave more feedback when I have completed more things.
At this stage the only thing that no longer works well is the BigFish games manager. ah shucks


I did not like the new start menu so I looked around and found this:-

"How to bring back the old resizable Start Menu running Windows 10 build 9926
Right click on the Start Button and select "Run"
Type "regedit"
OK the UAC prompt
In regedit, navigate to
Create a new DWORD (32-bit) value, call it "EnableXamlStartMenu"
Restart Explorer​
DWORD (32-bit) value “EnableXamlStartMenu"
Value 0 = Build 9879 proper behaviour
Value 1 = Build 9926 mis-behaviour”

It certainly works for me.