Windows 10 build 9901 leaks



We’ve just posted the following news: Windows 10 build 9901 leaks[newsimage][/newsimage]

Build 9901 of Windows 10 has been leaked on the internet.

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Clippy, the moronic Microsoft Office Assistant is back???


I’m Afraid they can keep their New Technology on the way they keep updating their OS. I think their Tech heads have lost it and should be locked up in a NUT HOUSE…Time for them to go back to what WE want.


The only positive with Win10 is that it could be usable compared to win8, so at least lots of win7 users can move over to Win10 without to much problem, and getting used to the new interface is not that hard.

Win8 just made people angry (including me), they changed it to much, a bad move and it has not been good for microsoft.


From what I have seen using W10 it is probably what MS should have done with W8. It doesn’t try to shove Metro down your throat like W8. I do like the ability to run some of the apps like the one for Netflix. It lets me have the option to use DD+ audio which isn’t possible through a browser.


yes win10 is what should have been out for win8