Windows 10 bug warns for low battery on desktop computers



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A bug in the Technical Preview of Windows 10 warns users on desktop computers (without a battery) for a low battery.

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Although a battery icon may seen strange on a desktop, it is used when a UPS is attached with its USB lead connected. For example, Windows 7 on my desktop PC shows a battery indicator with a status of “100% available (plugged in, charging)” and indeed it counts down during a power outage, just like Windows on a laptop with the power lead disconnected.

I did have an interesting incident about 10 years ago trying to set up a UPS on a Windows server with a serial lead at the time. As it had to be manually configured (not plug and play), I accidentally selected the wrong product and right after the “Driver installation completed” window appeared, it said something like “Shutting down due to critically low battery” even though the UPS was plugged in and fully charged. As soon as I booted the server back up, it displayed the same error right at the logon screen and shut down again!

Luckily in this case with the Windows 10 bug that the low battery is not trigging Windows to hibernate or shut down on mains-only operated PCs.Â