Windows 10 April Update will be released today

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Microsoft has announced it will release the Windows 10 April 2018 Update today. The update comes later than expected because Microsoft found some issues when it initially released the update. The company usually releases updates gradually, so it can detect issues before the update is installed on all systems.

Installed Windows 10 back in Nov 2015 and have not updated it since.
Still have nothing added that I want, need or use.

I updated to 17134 a while ago now and it’s been solid.

in fact, I clean installed 17133.1, which was supposed to be the final version, but it had issues and Microsoft built 17134.1 and then I upgraded to that. but for good measure ill probably do a proper clean installation here soon.

x64 ISO is only “3.46 GB (3,720,216,576 bytes)” which is smaller than the previous release which was “3.54 GB (3,809,476,608 bytes)” l then use Rufus (i.e. ) to make a bootable USB flash drive.

although using a ESD file (downloaded from Microsoft servers) to make the ISO (with the “decrypt-multi-release.7z”), which I only included Home Single License and Professional, the file size is only… “3.22 GB (3,463,034,880 bytes)”

Okay so I bite the bullet and decided to install the new update

WOW Cortana is more annoying than ever before
Notifications are more annoying than before

You have even less control than before, so many apps on the Menu Bar now that it is down right messy looking and you can not get rid half the stuff you do not want or can even use

After 2 hours of turning off sharing on everything and using powershell to get rid of Cortana and Xbox and Groove Music ( which I see no reason for them to put on the Menu Bar in the first place for everyone ) I still can not figure out how to get rid of the Mixed Reality crap that my system can not use any way ( so why can’t you get it off the Menu bar if your system can not handle it in the first place ) just dumb to me.

Hope someone comes out with a good tweaker soon, especially for the Menu Bar

I received the update earlier today, which took just over an hour to download and install.

One thing that really bugs me with every big update is that it breaks a driver on at least one PC I update. For example, the last fall update led to no sound on my workplace PC as it replaced the MaxSound driver with a generic Microsoft audio driver. It took a while to try to find the proper driver to get it working again as it did not provide the option to revert the driver.

This time on my home PC all seemed fine until I noticed my Internet connection was unusually slow. I ran a few speed tests and got about 2Mbps each time. When I tested on my mobile, I got about 30Mbps, which is what I typically get. I rebooted the PC, tried reconnecting the Wi-Fi, etc. but no improvement. Then it hit me that it might have replaced the driver and sure enough it replaced the TP-Link driver with a generic Microsoft WLAN driver. I reinstalled the TP-Link driver and the Internet speed was back to normal again.

As usual, this update re-enabled the “Fast start-up”. I always turn this off as the benefit is minimal with an SSD. On the other hand, I think this is the first time it didn’t reset my file extensions, e.g. music & video clips still open with VLC, PDFs with PDF exchange, etc. The only minor issue was JPEG files wouldn’t open at first as Microsoft finally got rid of the former Windows 7 style picture viewer, which I had associated with JPEG files.

We hope you’re no longer using the HomeGroup feature on your home network, as it’s now been disabled. Microsoft encourages you to use modern solutions like OneDrive file sharing, or the Windows 10 Share functionality for folders and printers.

This seems like a more time consuming way to do things to me.

Glad they did not take it off of Pro yet

Window is now 1803 version…mine just updated to it last two days. It also broke alot of my customs Tweakui so I had to redo them as well.

Over the past few weeks my parents were having awful trouble with buffering on their living room’s Windows TV stick. Basically, anything 720p or higher would keep buffering every couple of seconds.

At first I thought it was a Wi-Fi issue and tried moving the unit about, around the TV, etc. but it kept struggling with speed tests, with 1.8Mbps the maximum it got after numerous attempts. I even tried resetting the Wi-Fi, rebooting, etc. but no improvement. After a few minutes, it hit me that I had a similar issue with my PC when it received the Windows April update.

I went into the TV stick’s device drivers and into the Wi-Fi network driver. I saw it was using a basic Windows WLAN driver with a late 2017 date (newer than the device itself), so I went into update the driver. It showed a Realtek driver as an alternative option, so I chose it and indeed that driver was about a year older, which I presume was the official WLAN driver that came with the stick. I ran a speed test and got 18Mbps, a 10x improvement over the driver Microsoft replaced it with. Finally, I tried streaming some random content and it went straight to 1080p without a glitch.

For anyone running into Wi-Fi performance issues since the Windows 10 April update, try reverting the driver or reinstalling the original driver if you have the original driver for it.

With all my Windows installs, I always use manufacturer drivers not Windows drivers just for that reason. They load drivers but that doesn’t mean it will be the OEM but Windows drivers and that for the most part is what leads to bad drivers.