Windows 10 April 2018 Update causes bootloops on systems with specific Intel SSDs

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Microsoft has stopped distribution of Windows 10 April 2018 Update to owners of systems with specific Intel SSDs as the combination of the operating system update and the Intel SSDs can result in a boot loop. Owners of those systems won’t get the update automatically and can’t start the update manually, for now.

I would think so

I just read that this affects Intel SSDs 600P and Pro 6000

Pretty unbelievable that this had not been caught on insider builds prior to going gold; there are lots of those drives out there.

Well I am not surprised by this, ms decided to make the user the tester for windows 10, so in a strange way this looks normal to me. L
ets hope that thwy will have a quick fix for this, I also believe that we will continue to have this small issues over the next couple of years as ms pushes more updates.

What works on linux, does not work in windows. True story.

No problem on my side and I have a NVMe by samsung and laptop with a WD HDD. So I think M$ is nailing iNtel to the wall… lol…