Windows 10 Anniversary Update disrupts webcam useage

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I think these are all rumors, I dont have any issues with my SSDs, nor does my webcam have issues. Sorry for the people that do if its true, my theory is that the new update wipes out some drivers that you have to replace.

Alan, read this reply from one of the Windows Camera developers. This isn’t rumor.

[I]Hey folks, I have a couple of updates for you all, but before we get to that part, we want to thank you. The specific hardware and usage scenarios you’ve provided are excellent insight for us. We have been focusing on the Windows Insider Program flight data to monitor any issues. We hope in future we can get even better coverage through this data for the enterprise and business scenarios you’ve outlined. Now, let’s give you a little bit of insight into the engineering work being done to address your feedback. We have work in progress where the changes will be split up into three items.

The first change will cover the MJPEG issue. We have an internal prototype ready and it’s going through testing as fast as we can to verify it doesn’t introduce regressions. Once testing is complete, we will release it to servicing so it reaches you and your customers automatically through Windows Update. We expect this update path will happen in September. I remain committed to communicating more specific dates once I have confirmation.

The second change is exposing the H.264 media type. This change is more involved. The implementation is soon wrapping up, and once it does, this change will follow a similar process as the above. In addition to our internal testing, we plan to flight this change to our Windows Insiders, to get further verification insight and gather feedback from the community. We do this because, while we have many of the most popular commercially available cameras, the hardware ecosystem is so vast that it’s practically impossible for us to test every product out there. Since it will take some extra time for the H.264 work to go through this additional layer of testing, and we would prefer not to delay the MJPEG changes, we will ship these two separately. You can expect the MJPEG media type work to reach you first.

Finally, there is one last update that we’re working on which is to enable custom media types (like Bayer). This set of code changes is related to the H.264 work I mention above, so it’s likely that we’ll ship them together.

To ensure these changes will allow you to continue using your current devices, drivers and/or applications without changes we would appreciate your input. Please let me know what combinations of camera, driver (you can get the driver provider and version from Device Manager) and applications you’re using. This will help us cross check our current lab testing setups, broaden our validation coverage, and catch any issues earlier in the development cycle.

Once again, I’d like to reiterate our commitment to making these improvements in a timely fashion. We’re aiming to provide you and our customers with a camera experience as you knew it from before the Anniversary Update, without requiring you to update your applications or custom camera drivers, and we believe we’ll be able to achieve this goal. I’ll continue doing my best to give you regular updates on our progress, and I’ll let you know the dates when you can expect the updates to be published as soon as we have that information. The team greatly appreciates your patience![/I]

I bet they checked all the big names like Logitech and other but forgot to test the lesser brands. I have no issues with either my SSDs or cameras. And yes I use them alot.

without requiring you to update your applications or custom camera drivers, and we believe we’ll be able to achieve this goal.
Like I suspected , its a driver issue.

I found this story from a different source, but Peter Bright over at Ars Technica has just published a more detailed explanation of what is going on if you are interested.

I wonder how they managed to make this oversight. I mean, I gather that they relied on users to test it, and users might not report it…but it seems odd that no one would have encountered it.

At least there’s a way for power users to hack their way around the problem for now.

We really should not make this so hard for our members :wink:

For those of you affected, here is a registry file you can unzip and double-click ‘EnableFrameServerMode.reg’ to import the setting mentioned in the article to your registry :iagree:


To find out if you have 32 or 64 bit version of Windows, go to control panel and change from category to small icon view if necessary. Start ‘System’ by left-clicking it and the information will be under the System paragraph line three after ‘System type’

The following is the contents of the 64bit registry file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows Media Foundation\Platform]

Please keep in mind that this is a workaround and if you are not affected, do not import :flower: (354 Bytes) (348 Bytes)