Windows 10 activation?


Recently a motherboard died and needs replacing that will require a new cpu and memory as well. Will these changes prompt reactivation, and Windows 10 allow reactivation with these changes?


If the motherboard is an exact match to the old one then you probably won’t have an issue. I had an Asrock motherboard go bad once and replaced it with the with the exact same model and Windows never had a hiccup over it. You can swap memory, CPUs and even clone hard drives and windows won’t care. It is when you change the model of your motherboard that it flips out on you.


Unfortunately in this instance it is a MSI Z77A-G41 which is a LGA1155 motherboard, and LGA1155 motherboards are hard to find now and pricey when found. I’ll have to get a completely different motherboard, cpu and memory


If you can find one it would probably be less expensive than buying a new motherboard, CPU and a copy of Windows. Assuming the current computer does what you need it to do well enough. There are two on ebay for $120 shipped.


This section:
Using the Activation troubleshooter after a significant hardware change

Hope that will help you.


The eBay links in the UTR post above are links to used motherboards, and I don’t want to risk getting a used one especially considering the person replying to the thread at Sata controller on main board? had simultaneous failure of a LGA1155 mother board and processor. My current motherboard failed after about 4 years which makes me wonder if that series of motherboards is prone to failure. Also I may have a cpu that simultaneously failed and not yet know it. If I spent $120 for and motherboard and had to replace the cpu too, it would cost more than getting a new motherboard, cpu and memory…

The link in the tom77_no reply requires one have a Microsoft account linked to the computer which I don’t have, and the troubleshooter wouldn’t help my situation.


Then I would consider calling Microsoft support. Did that myself and got great help. My license back then did not
actually allow transfer to «another» computer, but the support assistant fixed my license activation for the computer with changed hardware as I spoked to him. Sorry for my bad english…


If you have a retail Win10 then it won’t matter - if you have OEM Win10 you gotta problem when changing hardware.