Windows 10 1394 driver

I’m trying to use the old ADS PYRO AV/LINK to capture a vhs via firewire and it will only capture in analog and not in DV. I’m thinking maybe due to 1394 drivers from windows. But I can’t find any windows 10 1394 Firewire drivers…

Did you contact ADS and ask them? That should be your first source to ask about updated drivers. And from my understanding 1394 doesn’t have W10 support anymore it’s USB-C.

sometimes older drivers can work, if there is a driver for 8.1 you can also try them, do a backup just in case something goes wrong, or set a restore point.

Give this “fix” a shot: Fixing FireWire Problems With Windows 10, 8 and 7 (

There’s also this in the Microsoft Community: Windows 10 and IEEE 1394 FireWire Legacy Drivers (Unable to Install the 8.1 drivers) (

Google 1394 and “Windows 10” and you’ll get a healthy number of results on discussions of problems and possible solutions.

That’s also a smart move to do as well before trying drivers your not sure if they are stable or cause instability. But if they are W7 or W8 drivers I think it should work if not it would most likely tell you it’s unsupported driver. And worse comes to worse do a Windows update driver and hopefully MS has a unified driver that might work. I do know on my Dell 1525 I had to force it to use the Dell driver and software for the Webcam to work as the the MS didn’t give me the driver and Webcam option. That I found out when doing a W10 CU update fresh format but hope to finish it this week to get my W10 laptop up and going so I can use it on the road.