Window XP Pro cant see certain disks



I have a few movies & PS2 disk backups that windows xp pro wont recognize. They play fine on my DVD player & PS2 but the moment I put them in my LIte-ON DVDRW - & + SOHW 16735 (Pioneer also) dvd burners the system doesnt even see them. I have DVD decrypter, DVD Shrink, & Alcohol 120% , Nero 6.3 & none of these Programs will see the disk. Windows explorer fails to see it either. I have tried the same disk on other PC’s to the same result .I am at a loss as to why? Any help would be appreciated


Just to update HELP! I just flashed the Lite-on Drive with the latest firmware & It stll wont recognize 3 disk’s that work perfectly in their resective stand alone Players (Pioneer S525) PS2 HELP!


Is it possible the files/folders on the dvd/s in question were burnt as hidden files. I accidently did this one time and I had to check on show hiiden fies to see the content on the cd.


I thought you may be onto something but I just tried it & No luck. Thanks for the time anyway. It is realy starting to bug me now! I have tried everything I can think of & no success.


Bad media. Use quality Made in Japan media. Burn at 4x. Set booktype to DVD-ROM if possible.


Not sure exactly what You mean by set book type. The media is fine as far as I can tell it is a stamped dvd not a burnt1. I thought it may be encoded so it can’t be read therefor can’t be duplicated?