Window Task Manager doesn't come up

I don’t know when this started to happen, but today I was trying to ctrl+alt+del to close a program forcefully (BitSpirit), the Windows Task Manager doesn’t even come up. I restarted, it’s the same. Is there any other way to make the task manager come up? Thanks.

sounds like a trojan or something similar which is trying to hide…
try a 3rd party taskmanager, e.g. the one from TuneUp Utilities 2006 ( ).

I can use TuneUp utilities to bring up the task manager now, thanks.

well, this didn’t solve the problem.
if windows task-manager does not appear, your system has another problem.
try a good anti-virus + spyware scanner as Spybot Search & Destroy + AdAware

I’ll try it later. I have no anti-virus on this comp right now. Thanks for the help.

Besides using Ctrl + Alt + Del, the task manager can be called by opening Run dialog (Start -> Run), typing “taskmgr” and pressing Enter.

Having no Anti Virus, and browsing the internet, is like sleeping with hookers without wearing protection. You are just asking for an itch…

Just downloaded AVG antivirus, it’s doing a complete system scan now.

i’ve had a few worms that will close regedit, task manager, sometimes even control panel stuff whenever its brought up. you should boot to safe mode or (even better) from a live cd like bartpe or ubcd4win and remove the registery entries for startup, as well as clean the pc.

Just removed a few trojan viruses, the task manager comes up fine now. Thanks for the help.