Window media Player always loses some file types, even though I check them ALL!



Can you tell me that since I have Winamp (plays CD’s automatically when inserted) All File types are enabled in options>preferences>file types, but will not play this MOV file.

Pinnacle Studio MovieBoard12 WILL play .mov files sent to me from a friends iPhone ( size 4.7MB, or 4908KB) Maybe a AAC subfile.
NERO Showtime will not play this file either.

BUT when I try to open this .MOV file in Microsoft Windows Media player, as many times as Igo into TOOLS>OPTIONS>FILE TYPES> SELECT ALL, for some strange reason, the following file types always get automatically unchecked,such as these…
1) Music CD
2) Windows Video File (AVI)
3) Windows Audio File (WAV)
4) MP3 Audio File (MP3)
5) MIDI file
I noticed every time I check these 5 boxes they are dark grayed with a check mark,except for these five above,which always get unchecked,every time I look into file types in Windows Media Player.

When I have all of these media players onboard, does it limit the VIDEO/AUDIO playback of all these file types to only one media player at one time,or should I be able to use all of these for Audio, and video playback? Thanks!


What version of WMP and O/S are you using?


Sometimes programs reset the default opening program for file extensions the second you open them. Perhaps Winamp is one of those programs.

Personally i do not like to use a multitude of programs for each and every format as well. I recommend using VLC Media Player, it can play any media file i throw at it. Quicktime, Real Media, Ogg, Matroska, DIvx, Xvid, Wma, mp3, etc.


You should go and check the file association settings in each programs preferences that is usually where it tells you to set what program to associate to…


You need to Google on this & read some on playing different file types on the WinAmp forum
This image shows how I have WinAmp set up for a .mov file

I may have also downloaded a plug-in from WinAmp.
The in_dshow.dll is in my Program Files/WinAmp/Plugins folder.