Window hangs at Logo Screen with new SATA drive

I have a new LiteOn LH-20A1L SATA Lightscribe drive that whenever I install it into my computer, my windows does not load up. It is stuck at windows logo screen, take forever to load (it doesn’t actually load). If i restart from here, i could go into safe mode, and I would be able to actually see that my drive is recognized in windows. When I restart my computer to do a normal start, the window again hangs.

The drive is connected to an onboard VIA sata controller, IDE mode. I updated the VIA drivers but still no luck. If someone can help, that would be very appreciated.

Don’t you already have a thread for this problem?

Sorry that was in a different forum and i thought my problem might not be just limited to the lite-on drive but rather some driver/bios problem that someone has experienced