Window 98SE password?



Hey guys,

Just bought a 50c Windows 98SE CD at my local library book/cd sale.
The only problem is, I don’t have a password to go with it…it is an offical Microsoft CD that says for distribution with a new PC only…is there any way I find the password inside of the disk anywhere?

I have another version of 98SE with a serial number, will this old password work with this new CD?



so you already know why was it so cheap, don’t you ? :stuck_out_tongue:
you have an OEM version of windows which comes without serial key. The serial can be found on a sticker on the computer case the Windows distribution came with.

If your other Windows is an OEM version the serial will work, if it’s retail it won’t.


You are probably teetering right on the legal edge of things. If your are not running another Version of Windows 98SE with the same Key you can use the CD Key you have. Why would you buy another CD when you already have one especially one with out a key? I am not a cop but it does sound a bit suspicious.


suspicious if I didn’t now own the CD…but I now own the cd, I bought the CD from a library…It’s my property bought from the city…

Thanks for you help molnart…

If I want to be dubious there are many ways my friend…(pidgen.dll -alterations -98SE)
I was just asking a question that I didn’t have answer for…
Thank you too crossg…truth is a good thing…



When you buy windows, you are paying for the legal right to use it. You don’t own it.
The CD key is how you prove you have the legal right to use it.

Without a [B]unique[/B] CD-Key issued from M$, you don’t have the legal right to use it, cd or not.


password? Win 98 never had a password.
It had a serial number.