Windos Vista release looks like it is delayed another 3 months or so

And many other sources.

i don’t understand how microsoft have taken so damn long to roll out vista. Frankly, vista is mainly just a shiney new look for xp, with some annoying ‘protect you from yourself’ security features. as such, it really begs the question, whats taking them so long, since there is some degree of incompetence in the works merely because they have no idea when they are actually going to bring it out.

Roll on up, Roll on up!
Before we spin the wheel … bets on the date vista is released …

My money would be on late Spring of 2007.

As a current official beta tester for Vista, I think there is a LONG LONG way to go - Bugs and many things that should be improved IMO. But it does look promising in terms of performance providing you have a fast system and the latest graphic card. I’ve tested it so far with different games and application and it has run smoothly. BUT there is a long way to go , there is too much BLOAT - and unfortunately, install Vista is done in ONE step - you select which partition you want and let it install, it does not let you configure ANYTHING during install. I think too much bloat (gloop-gloop-gloop) is installed with VISTA - I would like to see Microsoft ASK you which of the features you want DURING installation!

So I guess this will delay DX10 graphic cards :smiley:

Way to go at shooting oneself in the foot.