WinDiff Question

I have been diagnosing a problem with my system. Seem to have fixed it but today I did a 40GB copy from one HD to another. Using WinDiff to compare the results, everything looks good but 1/2 dozen files gave me this in red:

both have identical times

While WinDiff does not say (files are different) does this mean these files should be treated as corrupt? Or as the name implies they have identical times but the content is identical? Also, what problem on my system would produce this when copying a file?

Thanks, any help clearing up my confusion would be appreciated.

WinDiff will either say that the files are different or that they are not. If it’s marked in red, then they are different. You can use fc /b to see how they are different.

In my experience WinDiff has never let me down in terms of checking to see if files match up, and I often use it to compare backed up date (with thousands of files and gigabytes of data).

It is entirely possible that the files that are different are supposed to be different. For example, if one of the files contains the system registry, which changes very frequently…

That is where my confusion starts. Instead of just saying they are different they are marked with “identical times”. Which to me, the content is accurate but the time/date stamp was not. I have already manual copied over the individual files and fixed the problem but will keep fc /b in mind if this happens again.

Thanks for the info code65536!

Well, normally when they’re different, WinDiff will specify which file is newer. So I guess that’s just its way of telling you that it doesn’t know which version is newer. Yea, keep fc /b (run from the command line, of course) in mind; very useful if the files are not text.

Thanks again code65536. I just did another 30+ GB transfer and everything shows identical but will keep FC /B in my bag of tricks.

Thanks again.