Wind 7 won't read from my NEC AD-7170S



Hi everyone:

I have a brand new NEC AD-7170S on a Win 7 Ultimate x64 box. It is installed as the second dvd/cd drive and is installed as a SATA drive.

The drive is recognized by the system in the bios and in device manager. However, in explorer, when I select the drive and drop in a dvd and close the drawer the disc will never be read. The light will blink once or twice and then after 30 - 45 seconds, the drive will open and I get the generic pop up message stating:

Insert a disc
Please insert a disc into drive F …

I’ve check the disc in the other drive and in another system and it is good. I’ve tried different brands of DVDs and CDs with the same result.

I’ve seen a similar thread online concerning other drives. Anyone know about this or have a solution?




Check the SATA controller setting/set up (BIOS).

In which mode is it?



SATA type is ‘Auto’ but I tried it in ‘CDROM’ also without any change.