Im getting a problem in winavi mp4 converter. I tried to use the program and got this error i have also tried the demo of divx converter and it said that there was a problem with an mpeg1 codec. Anyone know how i can sort this out?

Serious trouble. Try in compatibility mode.

Tried it in all modes apart from win 95. Why serious trouble?

you could always try sony image converter, and then once you;ve got to mpeg use quicktime pro to convert to avi works for me. oh and before you say oh but those arent free, yes they are :wink:

Hey Greg. I´m in the middle of a similar strange problem - trying to import an mpeg I made into Premiere for editing…it accepts it but handles it “a bit slowly”: 36 hours for 70mb…!
So, I tried converting to avi with WinAVI - the result was a 7mb avi file which Premiere wouldn´t recognise!
How weird is that?

You say Quicktime can convert it? I haven´t checked it out - think it´s worth a try?

By the way - browsing thru the forums - ran across the first post in this thread, while half watching a video on my tv - looked back and saw this (screenshot below)…scared the hell out of me…even tried to click the ok button! Good grief @ haveacigar - nice resolution!

Maybe a useful solution here

I managed to convert the mpeg to an avi which did everything it was supposed to do (would have saved days of sweat if I´d found it earlier).
It seems to be able to convert a heap of formats quickly and it´s really easy to use.
Check it out.