WinAVI to ConvertXtoDVD Problems? Why Are subs cut off?


I can watch a lot of ANIME RMVB’s on my computer with no problems…I even convert the RMVB’s to AVI’s and can watch them and everything is fine…

But whenever I try to put the AVI’s I converted onto a DVD-R using ConvertXtoDVD When I watch them on my 13 in tv the subtitles get cut off on the bottom right and bottom left and bottom and top of the screen as well…

Like short one Line Subs I can read but when it comes to a big dialogue with some subs it is like the Video size is HUGE for my tv so I tried it on my 25 in but still the same issue…

Can someone PLEASE HELP ME…I have tried pretty much everything…I tried changing the videosize to 720x480 but still the same issue…

PLEASE HELP…Have been seeking answers for quite some time. I use my ps2 to watch my DVDs but I can’t figure out why the scaling for all the tv’s is off…Why would it play fine on my computer and not have issues but when I watch it on a tv parts of the subs are cut off like it is to big…I don’t understand it…

Please help

I got tired of looking everywhere and never seeing any tutorials fixing video cut off on televisions. This is especially a problem with videos that have hard coded subtitles. They are often cut off at the bottom of the picture and make the subtitles impossible to read. My remedy is to add a border to your video so that you move the viewable image into the frame of your television. This seems to work quite well for me and I hope it does the same for you!

So to start off you will need to download these two files. This is not complicated and will not require much PC skill.

Download Virualdub = HERE

Download Xvid Codec = HERE

You should now have two new files on your computer. First click on the Xvid Codec, go through the steps and it will install in a snap.

Extract Virtualdub into a folder of your choice. No installation is necessary for Virtualdub.

In your VirtualDub folder click to run VirtualDub.exe.

Open up a video file you want to modify. Then click:

File>File Information…

Find your video’s resolution. Example: 640x480

Of your resolution the first(higher) number indicates width and the second(lower) number indicates the height. Now for a little math.

Take the lower number and multiply it by 0.1

This will give you ten percent of your video’s height resolution. We need this number to correct the ten percent run off your TV is eating from your video.

For this tutorial our height is 480 from a 640x480 resolution.

480 X 0.1 = 48

For this example the magic number is 48.
Take this number and subtract it from both the width and the height of your resolution.

640 - 48 = 592

480 - 48 = 432

Here we have new resolution numbers of 592x432.

*I personally like a small run off of 4 (2 on each side) so I add 4 to both numbers. For this example you get 596x436. This is optional and depends on your preference and how it displays on your television.

Now, in Virtualdub click:

Video> Filters…> ADD>

[new window]

resize> OK

[New window]

Type in your new resolution numbers.

New width: 596
New height:436

Filder Mode: Precise bicubic (A=0.75)

CHECK -Expand frame and letterbox image

Type in your original resolution numbers.

Frame width: 640
Frame height:480

Click ok, you’re done with this part.

Your video is now bordered and you can preview it if you desire.

From here we will set up your video’s compression and resolution. This is all preference from this point but I will walk you through a simple way to get good quality video. Click:

Video> Compression…

[new window]

Select XviD MPEG-4 Codec

Click Configure

[new window]

Click Target quantizer

it flips to Target bitrate

In the field next to that button type 1100. This will give you fairly good quality. I found that a difference as much as 100 less is very noticeable color loss especially in brighter color detail. If you want better quality enter a higher number. If you want lower I wouldn’t suggest less than 700 but do whatever you like here. After all, its your hard drive and discs that these files will be taking space on.

Click OK, you’re almost done!

Now simply click:

File> Save as AVI

Now you have a couple options depending on your intentions. If you have a large number of files and want to do them all in one sitting (about 1 minute video = 1 minute processing) you can simply check the option in the “Save as AVI” window called:

“Don’t run this job now; add it to job control so I can run it in batch mode.”

If you do not want to do this simply make sure this option remains unchecked, type your file name, select your destination path, and save! A window will come up showing the status of your processing.

If you choose this option, after clicking save, you will go back to the main virtualdub window and nothing will appear to have happened. Go ahead and click:

File> Job Control…>

You will see the file is queued in this menu. You can continue to open and save files in this manner to queue them into this list and you will not have to reconfigure the filter or compression. After loading all the files you want to do, open the Job Control menu and click Start. Virtualdub will now process your videos in queue one by one. Note that before doing any large batch you should process and burn one to a disc for test viewing on your television! You have been warned!

Hope this helps people!

Email any thanks and/or rants to