WinAvi Multiple problems

Ok I have a recent copy of WinAvi 7.7 I have all the video codecs required and the software seems to be happy. There are a couple of problems so I will list them. If anybody has suggestions to these listed problems then PLEASE put me out of my misery.

  1. When converting VOB files to MPEG2 or AVI it goes completey wrong because when converting four different VOB files in the output folder I get VTS.1_1, VTS.1_1_1, VTS.2_2 ect rather than VTS.1_1 & VTS.2_2 and so on.

  2. The time clock that counts down while converting goes wrong. When converting the first file the counter works fine. The problem is this… when the counter reaches 100% the program moves on to the second VOB file but the timer does not reset. In stead it stays at 00:00:00. The result is that the converted file will not play or the sound is in the wrong place or worse there is no sound at all.

  3. On odd occasions when converting a VOB file the counter will stop anywhere during converting i.e it will stop at say 48% or 52% or sometimes 12%.

I have tried different methods that include using different setting, codecs, and different filters. Nothing cures it!
It seems the only way to convert a film is if you have for example four VOB files you can either convert one or two VOB files at a time when ideally you should be able to select all four Vob files and convert them at in one process. This is not happening at all.

If it helps my system has the following:
AMD64 running at 2.64 GHZ
1GB of memory
Gforce 7500 GS graphics
Latest DirectX 9.0c
Windows XP with SP2

PLEASE PLEASE I would kindly welcome any help or suggestions to any of the above problems.
Cheers :sad:

In the outpost folder your right i should get**.mpeg but i dont. Instead it is vts.1-1 and then its as if the files dont order in group properly.

I had the same problem with WinAVI V8. My problem worked out the the movie had 4 or 5 different languages and subtitles within the VOB files. I tried DVD43 and others ans nothing worked. Then I tried DVDFab HD Decrypter at:
That did the trick! Selected my language and disabled the subtitles. Ran WinAVI in DVD mode. Done!