WinAvi Jittery

All right. I burned a couple of movies files (they are legal) a while back. I used WinAvi. Today I dieced to watch one. I played it on my RCA VCR/DVD Player, (I had played it on my PS2 last time). It was all jittery. I had never noticed this before. I don’t have the slightest idea why. I burned with Verbatim Archival Grade. Why did it do this? I like WinAVI and I wan’t to use it again but for the last 5 months I been using ConverXToDVD. So what should I do.

Which version do you use? Is v7.6?
If not,please make a upgrade.I think with v7.6 may do better.

Yes I use 7.6. I found out what it was. My dvd players. It works with all my other ones just not with Panisonic players, so I have to use ConvertXtoDVD if I want to play it on those players. I think it may just be the combo ones (cause I have two of them). So I am using my Tilo one. Thanks anyways.