Winavi issues, blank VOB files

OK, I’ve got the latest version of winavi (7.7), it works a treat, most of the time…

When I convert one avi to dvd, there is no problems

When I convert multiple avis to dvd there is no problems, most of the time

Sometimes when doing this, one of resulting vob files does not play, unless you sjip about 20mins into the video, doing the conversion again results in the same vob file being “corrupt”

converting the problematic avi on its own gives perfect results, so im stumped

gspot doesnt seem to show any problems with the original avi of the resulting vob file that doesnt play, although I probrably dont know what to look for with gspot, its beyond me

so at the moment, I convert multiple avis into “seperate DVDs” the new option with win avi, then I have to mess around with other programs getting the file size down and putting it on DVD, when it should be more stright forward

ok, this is still driving me MAD

I’ve tried everything I can think of, when I swap the order of the files in the winavi window, then the resulting vob file swaps to the one that is in that position in the list??? i.e.

1st abc.avi
2nd bca.avi corupt
3rd cab.avi

1st bca.avi
2nd abc.avi corupt
3rd abc.avi

hope that makes sence…

I also thought it might be HDD space, but no, 15gig left

I then changed the file output size from 4.3 to 4.7 (or 4300 to 4700) mb, and it started working on most of the sets of avis I was converting, magic

But, this didn’t work on all of them, some still become unplayable when converting!!!

Even when converting sets of avis that are well under the size of a DVD (I thought it might be an issue of winavi not being able to reduce the file size enough) it still corrups the vob files. I tried a set of 12 small 3min max avis and half were unplayable, but when I set them to “make new DVD” for every avi then it worked fine

hope im making sence!