WinAvi Freezing/Crashing



hi all

just got 1mb broadband a few days back after being on isdn for a while: woow!! soooo, a lot of downloading of movies and converting to dvd has been happening.

ive d/loaded a few progs and settled on winavi (latest), as good qual and speed.

lately its been giving a general windows error message, or even locking up the whole system, meaning i have to reboot. i have masses of hard drive space, and as i said have successfully converted and burned 15 or so movies. my athlon barton is running at around 2.1ghz, and is working flat out, but lately the system seems determined to fall over during conversion

any workarounds for the freeze up? or any other quick and good convertors? ive tried most of em, and am just d/loading nero recode to try that.



UPDATE TO ABOVE: hmmm, ive done something to upset the pc here, because it now frezzes up on EVERY conversion attempt - no matter what software i try! anyone with any ideas as to what to check settings of etc etc would be appreciated.


I have a similar problem. Conversion works fine, but any attempt to burn a DVD, with the internal WINAVI burn software, results in WinAVI freezing.

I have made two changes to my setup since I was able to burn a test DVD with WinAVI. I’ve registered WINAVI and I updated my version 6 of NERO and the new version will no long will let me burn a DVD unless I pay for a DVD plugin which is why I want to use the winavi built in one.