Winamp5.03c full released adds emusic trial

I just posted the article Winamp5.03c full released adds emusic trial.

Well, on a positive note, here is some new
software from Nullsoft. If you haven’t tried Winamp5 yet, because you are in
love with the version 2 or didn’t like version 3, give 5 a shot. It is…

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I’ve always liked Winamp. The original was great and v5 is currently my favorite media player.

Hmmm… Me steer clear of that eMusic malarky, sounds like they dump a bit of SPYWARE on your comp if you agree to the eMusic bit :o You agree to this bit in the eMusic EULA if you install the icon: EXPRESSLY ACKNOWLEDGE AND CONSENT TO THE AUTOMATIC INSTALLATION AND EXECUTION OF THE EMUSIC LICENSED PRODUCTS. RUN!! RUN!! It’s installing SPYWARE/ADWARE!!! LLLLOOOLLL!!!