Winamp wave out put?

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to output wave files from winamp to a dir on your HD like you can mp3’s. Am I missing something is there a plug-in for this? or should I be using another program. Want to make compliations from my own CD collection? Thanks!!!

click on left upper corner pictogram
plugins-output>>nullsoft diskwriter plugin
configure>>appoint desired dir

Dont forget afterwards to put back your configuration to the org setting and you can set on or off your equalizer with on you can even made the wav sounds better :slight_smile:

I now understand, that you want to do some audiograbbing >>DAE=digital audio extraction, putting wavformat audiotracks from sources like cdroms/burners on your HD

That’s not possible with winamp; for that purpose you need a decent prog like Audiograbber, Windac etc.

Thanks Misha thats a big help have found another program called Audio Catalyst? also might have a poll?