Winamp version 2.80 released



I just posted the article Winamp version 2.80 released….

Both Black-Wolf and freakcd used our newssubmit to tell me that my favourite mp3 player program winamp has released a new version.

Changelog Winamp 2.80:

fixed drag&drop from open…

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For the people who like some plugins check Milkdrop its great in combination with some house music :stuck_out_tongue:


OGG Vorbis will get more popular now, whether you like it or not :d For more info, check :7 :8


Why would anybody NOT like OGG?!


Because for people like me with less than perfect ears it makes no difference. I ripped an album yesterday and did two rips. One to ogg and one to mp3 using LAME v3.92 - I couldn’t tell the difference so I’m gonna stick to mp3 as it’s the common format and will work on a lot more hardware at a future date should I want it to.


Oh yeah - Anyone else notice the mention of AOL in the installation now - it’s coming. The End is nigh!! Since I installed Media Jukebox 8 though to be honestly I’ve barely used winamp. The program is seriously awesome :slight_smile:


Check out the following article which compares the OGG, MP3, and WMA. I am a MP3/Winamp fan but I am thinking about changing to WMA/Winamp. I will never use the resource hog Windows Media Player.


And because you can’t hear any difference between mp3 and ogg you are against winamp being able to play ogg?! You get ogg for free so what’s there to complain about? Just curious.


OGG has superior quality than MP3 or WMA. Plus, it can encode up to 255 channels (multichannel playback). Now that Winamp has OGG support, everyone will be able to play OGG without any trouble and very soon lots of hardware companies will support OGG in their portable players since it’s free and doesn’t cost them anything. Eventually, it will become very popular.


winamp… good. I never really have had the OGG experience in music, but a couple of my buddies have been encoding DivX with it. I like what I have heard.


It’s nice to see Winamp supporting OGG with their install without having the need for users to download a plug in. :7 I don’t know about the rest of you but as for me, I won’t be encoding in OGG until it is finalized… I wish there are progress updates on OGG sites, it been a while since the last update.


This is good, long anticipated update, shame the much awaited full v3 wasn’t released, they obviously have free time on the hands too keep releasing v2 updates. :wink: I guess v3 will be so mind blowing that we will have too pay for it :4 I do ponder over what has happened with regard too the further development of version 3 beta. I guess maybe on perminent hold, like most updates :c Ah well we can live in hope :d Greets as usual from The Diplomat:8 The war rages on but there is only one who will rise from the very ashes like the lengendry phoenix :slight_smile: