Winamp v2.63 released



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A bit of record…

Winamp 2.63 released!

New Feautures:
Language pack improvements/cleanups.
Giant (2000+) skin archive bug…

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Dutch translation of new features on on last week news

Nederlandse vertaling over de nieuwigheden op bovenstaande website op de pagina ‘nieuws vorige week’

Winamp is a very cool and nice looking Tool. It is worth taking a look at it.


Actually…if you check
#winamp or #nullsoft on Efnet
(not sute which is the official channel)
Some Nullsoft employees will give you the codec and plugin
to do so. It all depends on who’s there at the moment.


PaRaDoX: It’s an mp3 PLAYER…which means it DECODES…not encode. Thats a feature that would be a waste of time since there are other programs that are designed for encoding that do a much better job. Such as audiograbber and lame.exe


rcn82: I knew that the encoding WAV. to MP3 was not built in the WinAmp but since there are so many plugins for WinAmp I thought there would be some sort of plugins that could give the reverse CODEC. Technically it should be possible, given that encoding and decoding should not be too different in nature?


Does any one know if WinAmp can make MP3s out of WAV. Files. I know it works the other way around. It would be cool if some how WinAmp do this. Is this Possible? Their lame support department apparently do not think that this question is worthy of an answer as I never heard from them despite many tries. Any help is appreciated !
Cheers !