Winamp users advisted to update to 5.03 due to critical hole find

I just posted the article Winamp users advisted to update to 5.03 due to critical hole find.

  A  huge vulnerability has been found in Winamp which allows a specially crafted .xm  file to cause a heap overflow and thus allow a hacker to run code on the  unsuspecting user's machine. ...
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This is the way it should be. A company releases a patched version before the vunerability becomes widespread - watch and learn Microsoft.

All your MP3s are belong to us. Make your time, HA HA HA.

haha Rhelic Wait were you the one on FW who said that thing in the staples 50 off 50 coupon thread that went like “all your blacklists are belong to us”? hahaha!!
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All versions of WinAMP affected by AinAmps own articl on it: “We have patched several moderate risk security exploits affecting all previous versions of Winamp.” & “If you are a Winamp 2 user and wish to upgrade without all the bells and whistles of Winamp 5…” So even version 2 is affected.

Or users of old Winamps should disable “.XM, .MOD, or .MIDI” file support. as most ppl listen to mp3’s and alike… :slight_smile:

sounds strange to me somehow…

Good reason to upgrade to Winamp 5!:B