Winamp problem

can’t really see what’s going on here since the previous version I had worked fine. But every time I add music from a numbered torrent file (i.e. each track does have a succession number) I wind up with Winamp totally disordering the order of track playing.
It’s a major pain since most of the music I’m trying to play is concerts which I’d rather hear in the right order.
Could it be a partial disabling to prompt me to pay for pro or is there something more obvious I’m missing.
Would just love to have tracks upload in conventional order disc1 1-10 etc in ascending order followed by disc2 wherever that is relevant. Can’t even see where you’d change the order. It’s not tracks being present as continuous text as titles or whatever is it? certainly didn’t seem to effect the previous installation. But that was the previous version since I couldn’t really see much point in updating if the player was working ok.

thought that was weird, could the problem be disorder in storage on a verbatim hardrive? just had an urge to stick on something i had on an earluier hardrive and that seems to be playing in order