Winamp Issues



Hi. New post, thanks for help in advance.

I want to burn cds with Easy CD off of winamp. Files are currently winamp files, not mp3s.

On the web there are ways given to turn mp3s into .wav files so they can be burnt. But I can't find anything that says how to translate winamp files to .wav.

The winamp version I have doesn't seem to want to help.

Anyone know how to solve my problem?

I can give more details on the problem is needed.



Err let me get this straight

You have winamp playing some music and you want that burned.
Yet they are not mp3’s.

And you want a method to convert them into .wav , so that you can burn them with EasyCD (Adaptec EasyCD Creator ??)

First of al , Easy Cd Creator 5 can make audio cd’s of mp3 files. no problems there

You can also set Winamps output to the diskwriter plugin , which will not give you sound through your speakers , but will write the sound to a .wav file somehwere in your system.
Having this .wav file , you can burn in on a cd with almost any burning program.

I absolutely love this sentence " I can give more details on the problem is needed " :slight_smile:


Do you have the display of file extensions enabled?
I have a very strong feeling that you have not and the mp3 (or wav for that matter) files are not shown with their respective extensions and only with the Winamp icon.

As Belvedere said, if it are wav or mp3 files, you can simply drag and drop them in your audio cd layout in Easy CD Creator.

Finally, if you have more info that might be helpful in this respect, please include it right away next time, instead of wating for the inevitable, us asking for it (because we are now curious what this extra info could be)


Thanks, you two.

well, I didn’t post more info “as” needed (that sentence made NO sense) because I wasn’t sure what you might need to answer the question.

Basically, as directed, I switched the plugin to disk writer 2.0 in the preferences menu. Then I selected a source for the converted .wav files to go to…

But when I try to play the files through winamp, however, instead of playing without sound and rerecording as .wav, they just play normally.

Is it possible that I got files that are right protected or something? the music files I got are off of something called

It’s not the end of the world, but I am changing computers soon and there are songs I’d love to take with me before I leave.

a few follow-ups:

  1. How to get the file extensions turned back on?

  2. is the fact that it’s diskwriter 2.0 and not 1.0 as most of the info I have seen online suggests making a difference?

  3. is there a seperate non-winamp converter freeware available?

thanks again!


If it is a WMA file, it could be write protected…that is the disadvantage of wma…

You could try EAC (ExactAudioCopy) to convert tracks, it is easy to use and can do wonders (encoding too, especially when used with LAME codec). Use search to find out more about this nifty program…


well yes your computer reads the winamp file but that is an mp3! ez cd creator
2.goto make a music cd
3.goto music cd project the file that contain the mp3s (or winamps?!)
5.drag and drop the files into the lower left box (mp3 towav wav is much larger youll see the line fill up at the bottom)
or repeat steps 1 to 3 and just open the folder containing mp3s into the lower left box and burn
hope this has helped you write back if it has!!