Winamp has stopped working

I have recently had problems with winamp.I have downloaded the latest version and when I enque some songs it stops working and closes.Also it happened,too,with the previous version.
I use Windows Vista.
Do you think that it has to do with the windows?
Maybe with the plugin that shows what I am listening now?
And How can I find out the reason behind that?

You need to localize which Winamp component is malfunctioning.
(1) Backup your Winamp directory.
(2) Delete your configuration saved in winamp.ini and see if that solves the problem.
(3) Create a bare installation of winamp in another directory and keep adding plugins one by one, or by few and see when the problem surfaces again.

If this is Vista 32bit, and you get an error with PX.dll, then you must disable the CD ripping/burning features during install.