Winamp/GSA-10N DVDRAM/GCE8483B CD-RW Issues


I have recently installed Winamp v5.33 basic to burn FLAC audio files to an audio CD. I have two drives installed a GSA-10N DVDRAM (firmware JL10) and a GCE8483B CD-RW (firmware B105). I cannot burn an audio CD (trying using a CD-RW first to prove process) in either drive.

I have never done this before and I am struggling. I have only ever created a data CD.

The system also has the following software installed:
Cyberlink DVD Solution OEM (DVD Player 6.0 and DVD Producer 3.0)
InterActual Player
Nero Express 6 OEM
Real Player (10)
Windows Media Player (10)
Roxio v7 Basic

I am burning to Sony CD-RW650HS media.

Just tried using the GCE8483B CD-RW and recieved the following
Nullsoft Burner Error:
Library Error: The SCSI command sent by the function returned a check condition.
Drive Error: No additional sense information

I feel sooooooh stupid! :o



Hi and Welcome!

please try with Nero. I don’t know if FLAC is supported out-of-the-box, but there is at least a plug-in for that format available on the net.


Thank you for your kind welcome.

Looking again at Nero I came across some testing processes within the Nero CD-DVD Speed application which I am currently running through.

I checked out Nero 6 first and it does not support FLAC out of the box. I guess that means spending money on a plug-in or perhaps an upgrade.

I am always loathe to upgrade (sic) software when the version that you have purchased does not work too well. Or is there freeware which provides this kind of functionality?



Try downloading the FLAC plugin from:


if the plugin mentioned by joseph5 does not work for you, then give CDex a try. CDex is free software, and it supports FLAC.


Thank you Joseph5 and Michael.

I will try the Nero plugin first and let you know what happens. All the Nero tests including the create audio CD tests worked fine.