Winamp coasters

I have a plextor 12/4/32 scsi cdr (Dawi 2976 SCSI controller) on a windows 2000 Service Pack 3 system.
Whenever i burn a cd (at any speed and even in simulation mode) and try to load winamp, Nero gives me a “Reset Occured” error and stops the burning process. What causes this?
thanks in advance

This is what the Nero Help Tool says at Bus Device Reset or similar.

If that doesn’t help, it may be related to a buffer underrun. You are trying to multitask while burning without buffer underrun protection. SCSI recorders are not immune to buffer underruns, and if a program is loaded that diverts (even briefly) enough system resources that are required to continue a burn (or simulation), a recorder without buffer underrun protection can’t restart because once its buffer is emptied it is unable to track the exact point at which the burn was interrupted.