Winamp 5 final is now available for download

I just posted the article Winamp 5 final is now available for download.

 martbhell used our    news submit  to  let us know that the final  release of Winamp 5.0 is now out.  In the last few weeks, we have seen the  Release Candidates being released one after...
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heehee milkdrop support. :slight_smile: this is a nice player. Thanks Nullsoft. :B

seems they are managing with-out Justin… hmm, who’d a thunk it:g

The download link does not go :c

Ahh sweet Winamp, how much do I love thee, let me count the ways… Gotta love the included modern skin, and included Milkdrop visual!

Use this link instead. Goes to same place, but by IP. Winamp5 Full Final

Its still very slow to startup without the agent installed, why could they not just make it as fast as winamp 2? a missed opertunity imo. great new interface though.

Thanks, I updated the link to the one you provided :d The link I had worked yesterday evening with 65k/sec for me over OpenSky satellite DSL :X

and once again you can search for files in your playlist with ‘j’ :slight_smile:

zag2me: Load the classic skin (Options -> Skins -> Winamp Classic) and it will load almost as fast as winamp2 :X

The link Rhelic posted is working fine for me. 115KB/s. Pretty good, because I know there has to be a lot of people downloading it right now, it’s a very nice program.