Winamp 5 development started, Winamp to compete with RealOne and Windows Media Player

I just posted the article Winamp 5 development started, Winamp to compete with RealOne and Windows Media Player.

 When MP3 

became popular most users downloaded Winamp to play their MP3 files and the
software was one of the best known applications on the web. Currently the
software has to compete with…

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The reason I like Winamp2 is because it is a small program that works fine for playing mp3’s. Winamp3 just had too much useless crap and v5 sounds like it will be even worse. Damn AOL. Do people still use that service?

Amen to that. I feel the exact same way.

Why use Winamp at all when Foobar2000 plays all interesting formats and is even smaller than wa2. :g

Becouse foobar can play audio only(afaik)and winamp2 can do both(aqudio+video):stuck_out_tongue:

If winamp 5 is anything like realplayer then i shall stick with 2.9x

I’m not sure we need any more overblown media players. Plus, with AOL’s influence it can’t be that good.

I have a theory that AOHELL never learn anything despite all their mistakes and their failure to rule the world like Microsoft had done. Now they’re trying to wipe shit all over their name with Winamp 5…the name itself gave it away that it’s the dumbest program yet (come on, 2 + 3 = 5? christ you’d think they can come up with something better).

whole reason that I liked Winamp is that it was LESS like RealOne

To show how bulky Winamp 3 is, I took it to a Pentium 120MHz and it could just barely play an MP3 after waiting some time for it to launch! Winamp 2 came up fairly quick and played music like on the faster PCs. To develop an efficient fast player, I’d recommend Nullsoft to get hold of some old 100 - 200MHz PCs and develop Winamp 5 so it will run well on one of these (just like Winamp 2). Then, when it’s brought to a modern PC (1GHz up), it will be lightning fast :wink:

And we get another new media file format too! I wish AOL would piss off.

This is interesting in that no one wants them to “improve” the software. Yet they can’t stop fooling with it. I can’t think of any other software in this position. Freeware at that. It’s fine just the way it is. I guess we don’t have to upgrade.

:r:r:r:r:r wtf no words needed…

well, I guess we can start betting how long it will take them (after winamp5 is released) to get back to the good old 2.x once again. I think we will be seeing versions 2.97, 2.99, 2.99.9, etc :d Why can’t they realise that winamp got this far just because it was a free, fast, flexible and very stable player? And have they ever asked if the 26 million people who have downloaded Real One use it for other formats besides real audio? My guess is that at least 60% of the people who have downloaded winamp 2.x are in love with it and use it for just about everything it can do (exept the mini-browser :g). Also, who told them that what the world really needs now is another audio/video codec/container? pppplllllleeeeaaaasee!:r

I personally thought winamp was buggy until AOL bought nullsoft, although I am not a fan of winamp 3 but hey this sounds better than three and winamp 2 is popular and good enough to keep anyway. I have version 2.9 and 3.0 installed together, unlike MS and realone I can install several versions at once.

I hate this shit - these damn companies develop new formats just to force consumers to install their stupid crappy players which phuck the entire system, contain spyware and whatever. think of the stupid slow spyware ridden quicktime and realone players. and think about MS enforcing the wmp on the endusers by developing its wmv/wma formats. And now the phucking nullsoft peoplez come and try to force me to install yet another phucked up player! as if I didn’t have enough probs with quicktime/realone, which crash the system/IE and steal file associations from other players. Now yet another unstable factor is going to sneak into my system! No, thanks, you stupid phuckers, I don’t give a goddamn shut about your winamp crap, never used it, and will never use it. WMP maybe not the best player in the world, but since it’s installed anyway, I don’t see any reason in installing yet another one, that can do exactly the same things. With all the DSP plugins that I installed into WMP it has become a really good player, and I am not going to install 1 mio winamp plugins in order to bring winamp to the same level as WMP on my computer with all its 3rd party plugins I installed. Anyway, that’s not the point, 'cause even if winamp were better than other players, it’s still outrageous how they try to force us to use it. Although, I guess if winamp were better, the team wouldn’t try to force people to use it by developing some crappy new formats, codecs and I know not what else just to force us to install it, because CNN and other sites will then use these formats, just as CNN uses real format at the moment to force us to install the crappy realone player and to pay for a goldpass just to see some crappy badquality videos of Sharon threatening Arafat and vice versa. Phuck CNN, phuck Real, phuck Quicktime, and triple Phuck Winamp and its developers! :frowning:

The reason I like Winamp2 is because it is a small program that works fine for playing mp3’s.
well, how about using wmp 6 for mp3z and associating mp3 files with it? prob is most of you search for stuff that is already on your harddisk in the wilderness of the internet, instead of exploring the wilderness of your local harddisk :B

Hey WRFan don’t candy coat it tell us how you feel. LoL :stuck_out_tongue: