Winamp 5.1 Surround Edition released, free AACPlus encoder added



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another great update for a truly fantastic program! WinAMP is classed
by many as one of the best media players
on the Internet (I too share that…

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Actually it’s with a AACPlus v2 encoder (it support Parametric Stereo :g) > I’m currently putting all my original albums on my drive with this at 48kbit/s (Still great quality, just don’t use it for archiving :wink: )
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I Still thinks that Ogg is the best format …


i love my mp3’s Low cpu usage great quality good size and great support in portable audio devices. I don’t see how you can go wrong. Ogg and any other codec uses way to much cpu and has lacking support on most mp3 players (ogg has barley any). AAC is supported by apple isn’t or sony?


and i think flac and wavpack are the best cause they’re lossless and also support 24/192kHz and 5.1 surround


I updated to 5.1 and like the MusicMagic feature, even though it takes forever to get setup if you have a large library. It creates instant 20 song playlists that are based on the style of the first song you choose. After updating I decided to peruse the plugin page and found a great DFX engine that is free with no ads called enhancer. I didn’t really notice any other advances in 5.1. Oh it will now rip at 8x and burn at 2x. Not great, but better than before.




it is very good and easy to operate


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