WinAmp 5.091 available for d-load



as the title says, so big deal, but some minor bugs fixed…


Always nice… WinAmp is still my main player after about 9 years or so :slight_smile:


Mee too, but 5.09 crashed everytime it loaded on my system, so I had to downgrade back to 5.08…will try this one though.


also using it for about that time, but only for music-media…
i LOVE its Media Library, don’t know any other program with a library like that…


i’ve also been using it for many years…kinda got put off by version 3 though…luckily the 5-series took the greatness of the 2-series and expanded on it.

i agree that the media library is awesome…and with the iPod plugin i never open iTunes anymore :iagree:


Exactly! I ran 2.91 for a long time, then got back in with version 5 :iagree:


time for a change :slight_smile:
try foobar2000 :iagree: