Winamp 5.09 released many updates for full and lite versions

I just posted the article Winamp 5.09 released many updates for full and lite versions.

 I Have Piles used our news submit to tell us that the Winamp program  has been updated, we can get the downloads over at BetaNews for either the lite, or the full version.       What's New in...
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So it seems that you can rip a DRM WMA to wav again so you could recompress it to any desired unprotected format… is that correct?

I’m scared of downloading any new Winamps now. If I recall correctly, everyone from Nullsoft is gone. There’s no one left to rebel against all the crazy stuff AOL throws at Winamp!

No trace of 5.09 on Winanp site. Where am I wrong?

I do not see version 5.09 on I am not going to download it from another site!

Its Availible from the Winamp forums becuse its Beta .