Winamp 5.08e released

I just posted the article Winamp 5.08e released.

VirusHack used our news submit to tell us that one of the most
popular software digital audio players Winamp has been updated to version 5.08e.
The update merely fixes a problem with Winamp…

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Has any tried FileWriter?

5.08e was released in February!


“dhtmled1:Winamp” “dhtmled1://news/submit” ??? Strange URLs you got there.

Yeah so it was released in February!? I saw it on there and posted it. Some people don’t know about it. \VH//// :d

I think most people would want 5.08d for this reason:

yup, still using 08d…no need for any more DRM crap… btw, my diskwriter plugin still works (i think).