Winamp 5.02 is out with basic MP4 and AAC encoding decoding

I just posted the article Winamp 5.02 is out with basic MP4 and AAC encoding decoding.

 This  thing is getting better and better. The changelog is extensive. If you  have the time, check out the ZDL ANALOG skin, it  looks like an old fashioned reel to reel...
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This player is awesome, especially with the MMD3 Skin.

Holy crap! MMD3 Skin. That’s is a good one. The scrollling button access to the different views is a damn good idea. :slight_smile:

Still needs a proper decoder that can handle gapless MP3’s. Using MPG123.DLL instead of Winamp’s own decoder at present.

and still twice as slow as winamp 2

That MMD3 skin is amazing. I’m extremely picky about skins and the only two I can use are Sonicated or Winamp5 Modern but I think MMD3 beats them both!
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